Monday, 5 June 2017

The Simplest of Things

The Dog
Isn't it damn crazy why the simplest of things take us the longest to do.

The damn dog and the damn doors - all year, the 3-legged dog opens the doors, all year I go behind him and close the doors.

In winter it is cold with the doors open right? But he doesn't care, he doesn't feel the cold like humans do, so each time I curse at him "shut the damn doors" and "Tux, stop leaving the doors open"
What an idiot I am.

He hears "blah blah blah doors" (maybe he recognises doors now) and "Tux, blah blah blah doors blah".  It is like a bad Far Side comic with the idiotic human trying to convey to the intelligent dog that they are cold and want the doors shut.... What?

The Latch

So yesterday after ages of this going on (years if you count the dog before him) I finally fixed it for under $20.

"Ohhh What?"

 This was drinking for me - I have a hangover, I feel like crap, I am ruining my life, I am ruining my children's life.  What am I going to do?  Stop.  Simple.


The Result


  1. Mine was the tupperware cabinet. Everytime I opened the damn door lids and containers rained down on me, but when it came to store leftovers, I could never find a lid and container that actually matched. Finally, after years of bitching, I matched all the lids and containers together and threw out the rest. I used to open that cabin several times a day just to marvel at the orderliness-kind of like my sober life, everything fits.

    1. Too funny, min was tupperware too..... and so many other mundane little things that annoyed me, but I never tried to fix.

      Gorgeous dog. Ours is 3 months now and driving me nuts.

    2. Me too with the tupperware I laughed so much when I read this - then there wass the pile of crap that sits on the edge of the bench and NEVER goes anywhere (glue, bit of string, a hair tie, a pen, broken thing waiting to be fixed, a couple of pins) a beautiful clean bench and then this pile of crap!. Loads of things around the house that just didn't get done.

      I have been giving it some thought over the past few months - I have said it so many times (high functioning) and Anne mentioned it too, but I was rushing around doing so much, cleaning, putting stuff away, drinking, cooking, drinking, cleaning - so how did this happen?

      If anyone want to shed some light on what is really going on in our minds when we are addicted to alcohol I would love to hear it. Is it something about our sensible reasoning side of our brain that just keeps us whining about our problems yet doing nothing? (I don't mean just when intoxicated but everything in between also)

      There is so much involved in ethanol and the human mind. i actually can't believe that more isn't done / said / published. More stringent stuff around alcohol for young people. Like wtf must it do to a young person's development.

      I believe in choice and letting people make up their own minds about substances but alcohol is treated like a tame drug. It is highly addictive and can turn you fucking crazy xxx

      Michelle xx

    3. Would love to see you dog Mrs S - will keep checking out your blog x M

    4. I have the pile of crap on the bench. Its unbelievable, it grows and grows. I have the pile of clothes that need mending, the list of things to do that never get done. I notice how my house get into a state when I drink, everything is so much harder. My hair needs to be coloured, general up keep of everything falls away. Not good. Love your door latch, and yes its bloody freezing here too!

    5. It was strange really, I stopped drinking and slowly started doing things, then about 4 months later looked back on what I had done and couldn't believe it.

      It makes sense really, when we cleaned up an old farmstead in Australia after the owner (an old alcoholic) died it was such a state. I don't think she realised how it was at all. Before that apparently she was such a tidy organised lady. :)
      Michelle xx

  2. The dog, though! Is he a shephard mix? I never thought I'd find another dog that looks like my Riley. She has her own issues too. She has all four legs though. I commend you for all you do and the patience you do it with. I have to take Riley to the vet Wednesday. We thought it was allergies bugging her, but now think it must be something more. That dog has cost us way more than we could ever budget for a pet. Serenity prayer now!

    1. Hi Mark!

      He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, X Lab, X Mastif, X maybe Stafforshire? From a dog fighting place in south Auckland. Think the Lab was a mistake so they got rid of him - his leg came off when he was 2 months. Very gentle guy but anxiety hits him :) Firm, patience - perseverance ... it is getting better - he is only 15 months old. Funny falla.
      Hope Riley is OK - is she scratching or biting herself? Is that why you think it's allergies?
      Pets = $$$$ :)
      Michelle xx

    2. When I say dog-fighting place - I mean RESCUED from that through the SPCA from that life! Disgusting sub-humans fighting animals - crazy horrible behaviour.

  3. Hi Michelle!
    Love Tux, and I love how he "hears" you! LOL
    Dogs are very smart!
    Most of them.
    We had a darling dog, so smart, half lab, half shepherd.
    He cost a lot at the vet, and had allergies, and hubs had to give him weekly allergy shots.
    But you are right, things slowly change when I stopped drinking.
    I make my bed now. Never did that before. I change the sheets on the bed once a week.
    Little things that add up!

    1. Hi Wendy xxx
      I read about you making the bed yesterday and it is so helpful when I hear about things that I was doing, thinking it was just me, and others have been doing the same things. That is why this blog community helps me so much. Other people's honest accounts of what they do on a basic level keeps me going!

      I made the bed yesterday and thought about you!
      Bet Mr UT appreciates the new you!!
      Love Michelle xx

    2. He does!
      Although he's folding laundry right now!


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