Saturday, 10 June 2017


Nothing against Katy Perry but this is my painting shirt
I am going through a "fascination" with all the things I am doing since giving up alcohol.  So apologies in advance if I bore everyone.

Reading about simple things like making the bed and fixing our Tupperware, writing about the dog and the doors... it is all so inspiring for me.

I've said before I am an accountant, I am also a zookeeper but it doesn't pay the bills.  I want to do things that make me happy - accounting doesn't - so why am I doing it?

I have another job looking after some lovely old ladies a few hours a week.  It feels good to do it, their stories are so interesting and although I still do accounting the mix is really nice.

I hate my dyed blonde hair.  The mouse-brown that I naturally have makes me look angry.  I always wanted ginger/red hair but it is a hard colour to achieve and subsequently then maintain.  Well I have done it and would never have bothered when I was drinking.  The interesting thing is many people have commented and said nice things.  Someone I hardly know came up to me and said "what have you done to your hair - I much prefer it blonde"  no hello, nothing... like it is their hair.  In the past I would have been upset and got angry inside and eventually gone back to blonde.  Now I think - stuff you - stick it up your bum.

Equally I don't care if anyone likes it either..... weird.

M xx


  1. Keep doing what you are doing, it's working and I admire how far you've come. And simple things are the best, makes life better, I think! Thanks for being you, Giving!

  2. I'm also totally fascinated by all the things I’m doing since I stopped drinking. I feel as though I've been asleep for years and am waking up. I like you hair colour but like you said it just hair and people's opinions don’t matter:) xx

  3. I went red once and I got exactly the same comment from someOne.
    Red must be hard to accept for some people!

  4. I want to go to blond one day. I dyed it a long time ago.
    People are interesting...they do think they can just say or do anything sometimes.
    Glad you can ignore them.
    I am with you on doing things! Your variety of jobs sounds very cool!


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