Saturday, 3 June 2017


I don't think I have every many posts about others, except kind people or inspiring people.
Mostly about my struggles and happy bits throughout this journey.

But I wanted today - and I don't know why - to put it down, put it out there something that I pinched from Mary Kay's Facebook.  Now i don't have Facebook but there was a link on her great blog God Walked into this Bar and I saw this caption "Don't make excuses for nasty people. You can't put a flower in an asshole and call it a vase."

I am constantly doing that, looking at what I have done wrong to perhaps insight a nasty reaction (this doesn't happen much anymore because I made some decisions early on in my journey to detach myself from stressful people - whether their fault or mine it wasn't important).  However there are some people that you can't detach yourself from and that is life.  However in life I am now learning so much since not drinking; how to protect myself better, grow up emotionally, create safe boundaries, be a better more open person, be HONEST.

That doesn't excuse others though, and you just can't keep making excuses or excusing the odd nasty one out there - it isn't you ..... it is them.  It is their journey.  It is their life.  If they want to put a flower in their bum - they can, but I will not.
Chicken house

Love to everyone
Michelle xx

Added some photos of the chicken house the kids and I are building :)



  1. Hi Michelle!
    It's very true.
    Being sober has really helped me to learn how to set better boundaries!
    It is also very hard for me, though, as I tend to blame myself or think there is something wrong with me if someone is mean or nasty.
    A work in progress!
    I hope you are having a nice weekend!

    1. Yes - the kids and I are finishing the chicken house (I put a picture up for you :)

    2. Oh COOL!!
      That looks like fun!

  2. It is tough when those people are close family members.
    I keep setting boundaries and remembering it isn't me. It's still hard!

  3. Yes - you don't miss much Anne :)
    I posted some pictures of the chicken house we are making. Winter - you have to get out there don't you? Now you have spring so it must be lovely
    Michelle x

  4. Ha. Just finished up a very emotional day and I needed to read this before I went to bed. I am now picturing a whole room of the people who have hurt me, been nasty and/or those who just need to grow up bending over and having a wonder field of flowers dotted with peachy skin. Smiles will help me sleep for sure.
    LOVE the chicken. Have any spare eggs? xx

    1. Hope you had a good sleep. it is winter so the eggs are dropping off and also they are starting to molt so dang it - bring on spring!
      M xx


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